Strange Sounds with Steve Bashakis

Hey TGO, I came across a strange new punk rock band called Starcrawler and wanted to share them with you. The music is 70s punk based with a smattering of Sabbath. Apparently, they have taken some flack for not being original enough, but, IMHO whoever said that is probably just some douche. IMO punk doesn’t need to be original as long as it’s well structured and raw and this bunch is pretty raw. I think they are all still in their teens and are pretty new. They will be performing tomorrow at Hollywood Forever Cemetary for the annual Johhny Ramone memorial show from which all proceeds go to a cancer research fund. Steve Jones of Sex Pistols will also be there and Billy Idol usually shows up as well as many other celebs. Its only 20$ and I highly recommend going if you live in the area, I cant go this year cause of work. (fuckin’ bullshit)

The band also covered The Ramones song Pet Cemetary for the remake of the film which I have not yet seen. It was too soon to remake that one, right?

The singer is a super freaky super skinny chick named Arrow De Wilde. She is the daughter of a famous rock photographer named Autumn De Wilde (fbt) but she looks a lot like the child of Joey Ramone and Patti Smith.


She has gotten good reviews from critics for her stage antics which include spitting blood in photographers face and throwing peoples personal belongings into the crowd etc, etc. She is lookin’ super freaky in the live shows on youtube. I recommend checking it out.

I still dont know much about them but they are based out of L.A. so hopefully, I can see them in the future. They have a couple artsy funny videos I have included and an interview.



They seem like good kids. By Steve Bashakis standards that is.

Peace out TGO!