THE BULGE is a Remodel Master

As you all know, Bulgingsnake is a master remodeler. But have you seen his legendary work?

Let’s have a peek at his portfolio.

This client asked if wesley could put an indoor pool in their double wide. So many remodelers said, “no”… but BS said, “I can!”

Happy customer, happy wallet!

On a budget? So are we! Turn that frown upside down! Choose from our select scrap to give your home some personality at half the cost!

Italians… love BS designs.

Live like a mob boss!

Custom vanities!

Miss shitting in the outdoors? Well the Great Outdoorsman has you covered!

Greeks… love BS!

Do you feel like a Greek God? Well hello Zeus… welcome to your new bathroom!

He also make custom tapestries for any size window!

Dont let you dime hold back your design! Bathrooms are BS specialty.

Custom home security. By adding these platforms around your home a robber has no chance of not tripping in the dark! That’s perfect time to get yourself armed!

Lots of security measures in this room. Feel safe anywhere with security trip platforms and mirrors!

At home gift shop!

Why have custom windows made? Weird sizes are expensive. Let BS cut corners for you!

The illusion of a jacuzzi is all the rage for poor people!

Custom entertainment centers on any budget!

Spend all your money on crystal chandeliers and no extra cash to move the electrical? Not a problem. BS will throw that shit up anywhere!

Now offering Tiny home designs in the style “the great depression”!

We love the intimate feel of this cozy room!

You shit will smell like Roses in this bitch!

Love the beach but cant afford the view… BS got you!

I can smell the sea salt from here! Wowza

Talk about class!

Who said there was no room for a second bathroom? BS gets shit done!

You’re welcome.

Always wanted to live in an ear canal? BS has a design just for you.

Mooooooooooooove over expensive competitors. BS knows what the country people want. You said, “country chic” and that’s what you got!

His and hers bathroom upgrade!

This is especially loved by our customers who share email and social media accounts.

Feel sexy in your new bedthroom

Always wanted a porch but dont have the space… Bs makes dreams come true!

Uh oh! Look at all that security! I’d feel safe as fuck laying in this EEL Fighting mosaic tub!

Who said “less is more” clearly didnt understand that “more is more” too!

No budget for tile? No problem! We’ve got carpet on sale at the scrap shop!

You said, “bulgingsnake, I’m thinking sexy for this bathroom.” Sexy, he delivered! Nothing beats having a hot Cuban riding you when you take your morning poo.

What room in your house needs a remodel?