Do You Spank Your Child?

Spanking is a widely debated topic. Although most experts advise against corporal punishment, many parents still report spanking is an effective discipline strategy. 

Sometimes parents spank their children out of desperation. When kids frequently misbehave parents may feel they are at the end of their rope and aren’t sure what else to do. Often they will say, “Nothing else seems to work.”

Without a consistent discipline strategy, it may feel like spanking is the best option. But too often, parents rely on spanking to fix behavior problems without every trying alternative discipline options.

Another common reason parents spank is out of exasperation. A parent who thinks, “I can’t believe you just did that!” may spank a child without thinking. Instead, they react out of anger or fear. Without a clear plan in place for discipline, spanking may become the first line of defense.

Spanking a child can create even more problems than it cures. Here are a few reasons you may want to rethink spanking your child:

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Do you spank your children?

Do you still get spanked by your parent or legal guardian?