Steel Panther Auditions

Attention all guitarists. Metal icons Steel Panther are holding open auditions.
From The PR Wire:

The band have joined forces with music store Thomann, to launch a competition with a sterling prize. No, unfortunately, the competition won’t result in you joining the ranks of Steel Panther. You will, however, have the opportunity to score an autographed signature guitar from Steel Panther guitarist Satchel.

“I’m gonna give away my guitar – this one right here. It’s the new Satchel model,” the guitarist shared in an announcement video. “Giving it away – it’s worth… listen, a lot of people, if they got this, they could sell it and probably pay for their house and their retirement.”

Entry is simple, you just need to record a video of yourself shredding, and post it to either Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter with the hashtags #5thPanther and #thomann. The video can be a maximum of 30 seconds long. Enter by September 1st on midnight.

“No longer than 30 seconds or we will burn it. We’ll throw it in the garbage while it’s on fire, and then we’ll douse it with gasoline, with actual gasoline, while it’s burning, and that’ll be the end of it,” Satchel stressed. “You’ll never see it again. So 30 seconds or less, and show us why we need to hire you.”

TGO loves competition. And since we have some of the finest guitar players in all the world, I challenge everyone to enter and post your videos.

Here’s mine