Robocop Returns Loses Its Director

Neill Blomkamp (director of District 9, Chappie) has announced that he is no longer directing Robocop Returns. This film was expected to take place in the original Robocop continuity, rather than another reboot.

This is sort of a shame. Blomkamp was also working on an Alien sequel that was disrupted by Ridley Scott’s prequels. If MGM isn’t willing to wait for Blomkamp I’m guessing a replacement will be announced quickly. He hasn’t released a full length movie since Chappie in 2015. Blomkamp was supposedly working on a script with the writer on the new Terminator movie Dark Fate.

There is still no word on castings, but this was a film that was announced quite a while back. Production problems aren’t normally a good sign. Some films are able to bounce back, but its normally an early indicator of the final product we get.

Who would be a suitable replacement director for Robocop Returns?