Rumor: Ewan McGregor Has Signed a Contract to Return as Obi-Wan

Rumors surrounding an Obi-Wan Kenobi project have been present for so long that its hard to trust anything that comes out surrounding this project because its been years and there is still no official announcement from Lucasfilm. Now according to Cinelinx two sources have confirmed that Ewan McGregor has actually put pen to paper and agreed to play Obi-Wan Kenobi in some form or fashion.

This report didn’t say anything about whether this project would be a film or series. The most recent rumors indicate it’ll be a series for Disney+. Star Wars News Net thinks that this news may officially be revealed during Disney’s D23 convention next weekend.

Reports of a Kenobi film surfaced quite a while back with Stephen Daldry directing, but after disappointing returns from Solo the project was supposedly scrapped and then reconstructed as a series. None of this has been confirmed by Lucasfilm, so we’ll see how long this report lasts.