Tards In Space (Turds In Space)

Outer space is a place of great discovery. The wonders never cease.

I was reading an article about the Israeli moon lander that crashed. On board were microscopic organisms called Tardigrades.

They are known to survive the harshest conditions on Earth. So scientists wanted to study the effects Space had on them. It’s unknown whether they survived the crash. Many have speculated about their chances.

This topic is all well and good. But the article went on to bring up the point about the lack of regulation for space dumping. Who knows what effects releasing microorganisms into space could have. And this topic is also well and good. But not the reason for this discussion.

Buried in the scientific article was a sentence that changed me.

Astronauts have left 96 bags of poop on the moon

Because of limited weight capacity, all poop was put in bags and tossed onto the lunar surface

Every time astronauts landed they would deposit a poop sack

Apparently you can’t just launch it into the sun or something. You have to litter the moon with shit bags. Seems irresponsible to me.

What is the poop doing up there? Is it preserved? Or decayed by solar radiation?

We need answers

Should there be Intergalactic Poop-Scoop Laws?

If you could poop on any other planet, which planet would you drop a deuce on?