Music For Punks: Lungfish- Feral Hymns

Lungfish formed in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland. They play a minimalistic post-punk style of music. While repetitive and trance like, there is real nuance to the playing. And their singer, Dan Higgs is a poetic shaman of the apocalypse.

Feral Hymns, released in 2005, was the bands 11th album. All but their first was on the legendary Dischord Record label out of DC

By this time the band was a well oiled machine. Simple in the presentation. But very nuanced in their delivery. Lungfish took the angst and aggression of the first wave of punk and restrained it until you could feel the tension build. Instead of driving full throttle like Minor Threat had done before them, Lungfish are happy to let their foot ease onto the gas and make you anticipate the acceleration. Or maybe just sit back and enjoy the leisurely ride