Transplants- Take Cover

The Transplants are a supergroup consisting of Rancid singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong, Blink 182 drummer/DJ Travis Barker, and a dude named Skinhead Rob who sings and raps. It sounds odd on paper but they pull off a sound that’s fun and infectious, mixing rock, reggae,punk, funk, dance music, hip hop, and whatever else into a sound all their own.

The 2017 release Take Cover is the Transplants 4th album. It’s only seven songs, five of which are covers. Hence the album title.

Normally covers are hit or miss. But I found they knocked these songs out of the park

Here is the track listing:

  • “Seeing Red” is a cover of Minor Threat song from their 1981 EP Minor Threat.
  • “Baggy Trousers ” is a cover of Madness from their 1980 album Absolutely.
  • “Nothing but a heartache ” is a cover of The Flirtations song from their 1969 album Nothing But A Heartache.
  • “Live Fast Die Young” is a cover of Violators song from their 1982 single Summer Of ’81.
  • “Gratitude ” is a cover of Beastie Boys song from their 1992 album Check Your Head.
  • Plus two originals.
  • Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear from these guys. Original music is in low supply.