Wanna do some coke? Let’s go to Mexico!

As you may know, there are many valuable products available for legal import from our neighbors to the South, from cheap suits to pottery. But a new decision from a Mexican Court will mean that you can possess, use and transport cocaine*. No, Ray, not fucking Coca-cola, I mean booger sugar.


2 people have petitioned the Court and won. Now they get to ride the white pony without the intervention of the Federales. The Mexican Court has already allowed some Marijuana use.

Part of what is being fought for (other than crazy coke-head shit) is the ability to fight drug crime without arresting everyone.

I’ve known a lot of Mexicans that smoked weed and did coke. That is not a racist statement; I grew up in Texas, and there are a lot of Mexicans that live there; it’s simple statistics. Actually, most of the Mexicans I knew were from Texas, which itself was actually Mexican before it was Texas.

My questions for TGO are these…

  1. If you could, would you petition a higher court for the right to use cocaine?
  2. Do you think the decriminalization of drugs would hit the criminal element hard enough to make a dent in their criminal activities?
  3. Have you tried Mexican Coca-Cola?