D23 Star Wars News

There was a bit more Star Wars news confirmed during D23. Obviously we got the trailer for The Mandalorian which has already been posted. There were a few other little tidbits of news revealed though.

Kenobi Series Finally Confirmed.

After years of fan speculation that some sort of project was coming Ewaan McGregor was brought up on stage to officially announce that he would return as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a series for Disney+. Kathleen Kennedy also mentioned that there were already some scripts written and that they would begin filming next year. Here is a video of the announcement if you’d like to take a look. McGregor looks relieved to finally be able to confirm that he’s Obi-Wan again.

Cassian Andor News

There wasn’t a lot of info given for the Cassian show, but Diego Luna did say something about 10 hours of television, so that could mean the season will be 10 episodes. It also seems like Luna will be de-aged a bit in order to look younger than he did in Rogue One. We already know K2-S0 will be back and Alan Tudyk made an appearance as well. It was also said that the written for the episodes is completed and filming will also begin next year. It looks like the age of Star Wars TV is beginning.