Short Dark Side Rey Theories

We were all a little surprised by the new The Rise of Skywalker footage thanks to an appearance by Rey with a double bladed red lightsaber. This has spawned a lot of talk about the clip. Personally, I think its very much a bait and switch and its not hinting that Rey will turn to the dark side, but at this point anything is possible until we see the movie. He are some potential scenarios for Dark Side Rey.

She’s a Clone

At this stage of the game I feel like this is the most likely scenario. With Palpatine back in the picture in this movie it seems like he could possibly be powerful enough to create a dark side clone of Rey. The movie can figure out how it wants to pull that story off.

She’s Rey’s Twin

While we have learned that her parents are nobodies its entirely possible that Rey could have a twin sibling that no one knows about. Maybe when Rey’s parents sold her for drinking money they ended up sending her twin to someone else? That path may have led the twin to the dark side.

Its a Vision

This is another possibility that I’m likely to believe. Its very likely that when this version of Rey makes an appearance it’ll be in a force vision. JJ Abrams already has given us a Force vision in The Force Awakens. Just, the one thing that makes me think its not a vision is why would you even bother showing it in the trailers at all if its going to be that small of a piece of the movie? Seems like a dumb thing to waste on a trailer if it doesn’t end up being an important plot point.

She’s Palpatine

Palpatine is dead, but we know that he’s going to be involved in this movie somehow. Could his spirit somehow possess Rey? Or maybe create his own version of Rey for his spirit to inhabit?

Obvious there are plenty of scenarios that could end up being correct, or there could be a combination of a few things. How do you think this dark side Rey came to be? How big will her role in the movie be?