Guns Out For Popeyes

The “chicken sandwich war” between Chic-fil-a and Popeyes has reached fever pitch. After the popularity of the Chic-fil-a sandwich exploded, Popeyes decided to release a sandwich of their own. In less than two weeks the entire supply of Popeyes chicken sandwiches has sold out across the United States.

This has lead to some serious problems. Like yesterday in Houston, Texas. A group of five people, two women and three men pulled up to a Popeyes drive thru and tried to order chicken sandwiches. The group was told the restaurant was sold out of chicken sandwiches. At this point they had two choices, order something else or leave. They chose option 3, Storm Popeyes!

After arguing at the drive thru window, employees witnessed the car park and the group of 5 exit the vehicle. As they approached the restaurant, one man pulled out a hand gun and began yelling threats. Employees were able to lock the doors and call police. The group left before police arrived and they are now on the lookout for “a black man with dreadlocks and face tattoos” he had on a black shirt. Anyone with information should call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

What fast food place would you storm with a gun?

Is there a sandwich you’re willing to die for?