TGO Welcomes Refugees

Refugees and migration are topics that dominate many news and talk shows. Panels featuring politicians, experts and community members frequently discuss the supposed loss of control and whether the system is stretched to the limit.

In summer 2019, the images from TGO that went around the globe were entirely different: Gifs of cheering crowds welcoming refugees from defunct Disqus channels. The term “FBT,” or “Funny Big Time” came to define an attitude of kindness.


But what has happened to it since? Has it fallen by the wayside? A new study by the Buttman Foundation entitled “Freedom of Speech Means Idiots get to Talk, Too” has found the sentiment in TheGreatOutdoorsman to be “robust.”


Thomas Cruise, one of the study’s authors and the lead actor in 1984’s suspense thriller “Footloose,” says that it is hovering at a relatively high level. The poll institute interviewed 2,025 people on various aspects of desired content. The interviewees were not asked to give their personal opinions on new people, or how they feel about the topic of clitoral stimulation, but instead gave their perceptions on the general attitude of the average TGO user towards doing stupid shit because it is funny.


Overall, skepticism over migration has declined slightly since 2017. Adverse migration effects continue to be perceived, but with a downward trend: 71% see new people as a burden for the overworked Disqus commenting platform, 69% view there to be conflicts between new people and Bulgingsnake, 64% fear problems at school and an overwhelming 90% see a lack of common sense as an obstacle to integration, which is an area where respondents would like to see more initiative taken.


Even though TGO is the “most legendary entertainment site of all time,” “welcome culture” is in its youth, says Cruise: “TGO is a kickass place with a young welcome culture in two senses: On the one hand, because we have only perceived ourselves as a thing for like a minute. On the other hand, because the young population on TGO is much more positive about migration than the older population, who can go fuck themselves.”


Indeed, TGO’s younger generation, under the age of 30, differs significantly from the older generations in their assessments and perceptions of new people and integration. Younger people assume that migration will have a much smaller impact, both on the Bird Time discussions and on horrible fake ads, and they focus on the opportunities.


Contact and dealing with diversity is much more a part of everyday life for younger people.

Positive perceptions are not confined to youth: 67% of all respondents believe that new people will make life more enjoyable and 64% see the influx as a means of combating the aging of society.

When reached for comment, Bulgingsnake said, “Who is this, and where did you get my number?”