The Skywalkers: More Bad than Good?

I’m pretty sure I had a discussion similar to this during the days of THE FORCE, but since Disqus channels are gone it gives me a good excuse to recycle all my good Star Wars ideas. Fuck originality.

The Skywalkers are obviously the family at the center of the conflict through the whole Star Wars saga. There’s a reason they call it the Skywalker saga. George Lucas often described Star Wars as a soap opera involving the drama among one family. We’ve had some hero Skywalkers and some evil Skywalkers. Really two good, two bad. I guess you can consider Shmi good too, but it wasn’t really like she did anything remarkable. The question is though, with all the influence this one family had on the galaxy have they really done more harm than good?

Anakin Skywalker obviously became Darth Vader and he is responsible for probably thousands of deaths of Jedi, and basically any being who decided to defy the Empire. Sure, at the end of it all he’s redeemed and turns good, but after he’s done a lot of damage that he can’t really be forgiven for. Luke Skywalker is obviously seen as a hero, but he probably killed thousands of people on the Death Star. Sure, destroying it was probably for the greater good, but there were a lot of people who were simply following orders and doing their job when they were killed in the explosion.

Leia is probably the Skywalker with the smallest impact and is responsible for the fewest deaths, but they she gave birth to Ben Solo who became Kylo Ren, who hasn’t been shown as killing that many people besides Lorr San Tekka and his dad Han Solo, but its probably safe to say he’s responsible for a fair amount of damage as well.

So here’s the debate for today. Have the Skywalkers actually done more made than good in the galaxy?