30 Years Ago: Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love is Released

Today is the 30th anniversary of one the albums from one of my favorite bands (actually two of my favorite albums from two of my favorite bands, but you won’t know the other band) Louder than Love by Soundgarden.

Louder Than Love is Soundgarden’s major label debut and it was the first time they got any mainstream attention at all for their music. Singer/guitarist Chris Cornell and lead guitarist Kim Thayil appeared on Headbangers Ball at this time and the video for the lead single Hands All Over got some airplay on MTV even though the band members admitted they hated it.

Louder Than Love was the album that brought Soundgarden’s Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath influences to the forefront, but there are still some attempts at humor on the album. Big Dumb Sex being the ultimate one. The song was intended to be a parody of glam metal songs of the era. The chorus couldn’t get any more blunt with the “I want to fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you” line. Its a song you can’t help but sing along to, but it earned the band that lovely parental advisory sticker.

If I were to recommend some songs from this album I’d list these: Get on the Snake, I Awake, Loud Love, Hands All Over, Ugly Truth, Gun and Big Dumb Sex. This is an album that is probably the cult favorite of many Soundgarden fans, but probably doesn’t get the recognition it should. I’m looking forward to giving it a fresh listen again.

Another fun fact: Soundgarden originally wanted to call this album Louder Than Fuck, but the record company and the band’s management wouldn’t allow it.

I should also mention that Louder than Love and another of my albums were actually released on the exact same day. The other album is Up to Here by The Tragically Hip. Its a go-to album for any Canadian rock fan.