The Satanic Temple hates therapy

Many people across the political spectrum know the Satanic Temple for their outrageous displays of vulgarity in the face of Christians’ encroachment on civil rights.

However, most are not aware of their even more outrageous displays of vulgarity directed at the psych industry. They have repeatedly gate-crashed ISSTD’s annual conference for survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking, bringing with them camera crews from Vice Magazine to film people without consent, so that TST can use this illegally filmed material for fundraising purposes.

They shut down my Twitter account last year for warning security at the hotel where the conference was held in advance and thwarting their nefarious plans to disrupt a lecture by the head of ISSTD’s Special Interest Group on Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.

This is all documented here:

And also here:

The plan was for Lucien to head down in and engage with people from the conference. The hope was that would act as a distraction and draw people to him to prevent people from getting in the way of the protest actors so they could form a procession through the hotel before the protest outside.

Security was well aware of what was going to be happening and began looming around TST members almost immediately. The procession was stopped as they were getting off the elevator and forced straight outside instead of being allowed to walk through the building.

You’re welcome, assholes.