Dorian Is Headed My Way

The Maritime Provinces generally get off pretty light when it comes to hurricanes. Every now and then we get the remnant of hurricane that hit much harder somewhere else in the world. The only memorable hurricane we’ve had since I’ve been around was hurricane Juan in 2003 and even then that just caused a bit of damage.

There is nothing more annoying than the media when there is a hurricane warning. They want to create fear so it generates more interest in their broadcasts so there is always a possibility that a hurricane will hit us even though we rarely get one and generally if we are unfortunate enough to get one its downgraded to a weak tropical storm by the time it reaches us.

So it does look like Hurricane Dorian is going to be a category 1 hurricane when it hits us tomorrow. Still, it may shift and miss us all together, but its looking like I’m going to have to get at least a little prepared. I just do the usual stuff. I make sure I have a lot of extra water, and there’s lots of canned food and propane in case I need to eat for a couple of days with no power.

So what chance to do I have of surviving this epic wind storm?