The Banana Splits Movie

Do you remember The Banana Splits Show? I don’t really ever remember watching it. It was an old Hanna Barbera show from the late 1960s with a bunch of people in animals suits running around. I remember stumbling on it on an old rerun channel about 10-15 years ago and thought this show looked absolutely terrifying. Take a look.

It might just be the old footage, but I can’t imagine being a kid and thinking this was a fun thing to watch.

I was scanning through ITunes this week and found this movie called The Banana Splits Movie featuring the same characters from the show which have been dormant for like 50 years. Apparently Warner Brothers is trying to sprinkle a bit of life into some of their long dead properties like Critters and this happened to be another one on the list. Its going to air on SyFy and Adult Swim at some point this year but it available for a digital rental now.

So, this movie shows The Banana Splits as I always imagined them, as slasher villains. All these people head to a taping of their show only to be brutally slaughtered by the animals. The gore is pretty much the best thing about the movie.

Do you remember the Banana Splits? Did you also think they were terrifying? What thing that is considered “child friendly” scares the shit out of you?