Secondary Character of the Day: The Guy in the Bear Costume

I had to revive this old segment for one of the most legendary secondary characters of all time. This secondary character has easily got the least amount of screentime of any of the secondary character I’ve talked about previously. This character comes from The Shining and its the guy in the bear costume giving another man a BJ.

Its such a short moment, and for some reason I still find it so unnerving to see when I watch The Shining. Its a memorable moment in a movie that has several. Very little has been explained into what that short moment is even included in the movie, but there has been plenty of speculation into it. I read the book before I watched the movie, but I’m not sure if that was a part of the book or not. There’s something about that bear costume that really freaks me out.

To add to the mystery the guy in the costume goes uncredited and was never identified after the movie came out.

Is the guy in the bear costume from The Shining the greatest secondary character of all time?