Travelin’: Toronto

Its so rare that I travel anywhere further than a two hour drive from my house. Halifax is the busiest city that I’ve spent any length of time in. I like to stick to my town with about 1500 people in it if I can.

Tomorrow I’m heading off in my first long distance trip in probably about 6-7 years. Me and one of my friends are heading up to Toronto for 3 nights. During that time we’re going to see a couple of Blue Jays games and Saturday is wide open so I’ll possibly check some other stuff out on that day. The Blue Jays have been terrible the last couple of weeks. Up until their win last night they lost 7 in a row. I’m not a big baseball fan anyway. I’m mostly just going because its something I haven’t done yet. This is the first time I’ve been in Toronto since 2008 and that trip was with my parents so it’ll be nice to be the one in control this time. It’s a pretty busy week up in Toronto because the Toronto International Film Festival is on right now as well so I’m sure finding other stuff to keep ourselves entertained won’t be hard.

So the adventure begins at about 4 in the morning tomorrow and it’ll end when I land at home at about midnight Sunday, just in time to get some sleep and head to work Monday morning.