Yes its no secret. I have sperm. Lots of it. And sometimes when I’m in the shower i like to rub one off and they go down the drain. Well that sperm usually never makes it to the ocean. That is because they eventually swim around back up stream to some hot chicks plumbing in her house and find themselves crawling up her vag when she sits on the toilet not even knowing what happened. That is just how strong my sperm are. Well one of them apparently made it to the ocean. Being out in the ocean they can of course grow to full size. In a matter of days they are fully grown. Well some lucky kid was out fishing…probably had the stink of vag on his hands he forgot to wash after fingering his girl and my sperm….well he went for the bait so to speak. Now he is this mans proud trophy.  You can still see the poor sperm still drooling from the vag scent he caught wif of.