Displaced Rage Open Discussion- Free Fuck You For Everyone

Did you ever wake up with a shitty attitude?

Yeah, I’m having one of those days. Instead of confronting the source of my frustration, I’m going to lash out at anyone and everyone around me.

So here is a list of indiscriminate fuck yous

Gay people- Fuck you. You’re not special

Straight people- Fuck you. It’s just a dick. Suck it.

Black people- Fuck you. It happened 100 years before I was born

White people- Fuck you. You’re all racist

Poor people- Fuck you. Get off your lazy ass and get a job

Rich people- Fuck you. Help out those poor people, they need a hand.

Plumbers- Fuck you. I like my toilet backing up shit onto the floor.

Cops- Fuck you. I’ll burn a prostitute with a crack pipe if I want to

Do you have a Fuck You to give out?

I do. It’s to you. So come get one. I got one with everyone’s name on it.