The Satanic Temple is desperate for media attention

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The allegedly “true story” contained claims of psychic phenomena, prophecy, demonic possession, Ritual Abuse, Divine Intervention, and an antagonist Mad Scientist ultra-villain who was simultaneously a Jewish Satanist and a Nazi working for the CIA on refining methods for mind-control.

Naturally, I was skeptical.

The book, Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities, was authored by one Judy Byington, a retired Social Worker who was, at the time, still providing counseling via Skype. She also claimed to be working with the Utah Attorney General’s office in some official capacity to combat Satanic crimes of ritualized abuse. Alarmed, a colleague of mine reached out to the Utah AG’s office for confirmation, and instead of the expected Glomar response (“we can neither confirm nor deny…”) we received an unequivocal denial. The office was clear that they did not work with Byington in any way, on any level.

Byington scoffed it off. Of course they denied it, she rebutted. The work she performed with them was far too top secret not to. Not so top secret as to be left off of her publicly posted author’s bio, you see — just top secret enough to prevent the AG’s Office from acknowledging it. […]

No matter how desperate or contentious a complicated issue might become, we should never allow false moral grandstanding to strip us of nuance and our ability to engage in informed debates. We should always take care to make sure that our actions are just in and of themselves, and not merely justified because we have defined ourselves in terms of unquestionable moral superiority.