Kevin Feige Developing A New Star Wars Movie

Kevin Feige has rose to prominence over the last decade as the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which has become an unstoppable juggernaut. Ever since Disney purchased Star Wars people have imagined what Star Wars would look like under Feige’s leadership and now it looks like we’ll get a chance to see him in action as it been reported that Feige is developing a Star Wars film.

Feige is a huge Star Wars fan and there are definitely some notes from Star Wars present in the Marvel films. I always figured he would be far too busy with Marvel to ever consider doing Star Wars but I guess he’s gonna give it a shot. The reports are saying that Feige is doing only one movie, unless that changes. So its sort of interesting to see where this is going to go and how it fits into the Star Wars galaxy. Will it feature previously existing characters? If its one singular film that seems like its probably a better idea, but there is no word yet.

THR also reported that Feige reached out to an unnamed actor who he felt should have a role in his upcoming movie. That’s really all the important details on this situation right now, but Alan Horn has confirmed all this information so it looks like its happening. For some reason this news intrigues me more than the Rian Johnson and Benioff and Weiss films. Probably because there is no signals that this film is the start of an another trilogy.

Some think that this could be the start of Feige getting an increased role in Lucasfilm. Perhaps if all goes well he’s the new head of Lucasfilm when Kathleen Kennedy chooses to retire, but I think its a little premature to say that, plus its not like the Marvel movies are slowing down any time soon.

Are you interested in a Star Wars movie from Kevin Feige?