Spidey Is Back in the MCU

A few weeks ago word broke that Sony and Disney couldn’t come to terms on a new deal that would keep Spider-Man in the MCU. Their current deal only lasted for two stand alone Spider-Man films which ended with Far From Home. Now it looks as if they’ve made amends and come to an agreement.

If you’ve seen Far From Home you’re probably aware that Spider-Man was a pretty important character in the future of the MCU. So this falling out couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Now it appears everything is going to proceed as planned. Fans were quick to blame Sony for the failure to come to an agreement when it was later said that Disney was looking for a larger piece of the box office pie.

With news that Kevin Feige was producing a Star Wars film it became more clear why Spider-Man’s deal went down the way it did, but now its confirmed that he will once again be back to produce and Tom Holland will continue to star.

Spider-Man 3 is expected to be released in 2021 unless the delay getting this deal done results in a push back. I only saw Far From Home for the first time last week and it was a pretty solid film. So I’m glad that these huge mega corporations were able to come to a deal can keep collaborating on 2 hours of stuff I love.