Van Halen is Finished, According to David Lee Roth

Recently, I wrote an article about Jimmy Page’s last couple of decades or so being basically dormant. The same could probably be said about Eddie and Alex Van Halen. Van Halen has released just 2 albums in the last 21 years. In 1998 they put out Van Halen III, the only album featuring Gary Cherone on vocals and after a 14 year gap they released their only album since reuniting with David Lee Roth A Different Kind of Truth.

During those 21 years they toured just 5 times. Including a reunion tour with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony in 2004 before they were both dismissed for good. They haven’t played together since touring with David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen in 2015. Van Halen has one of the larger fanbases of any rock band so they often speculate that a reunion of the original lineup (which would include Michael Anthony coming back) will eventually happen. Some of the shows with Roth didn’t get rave reviews from fans anyway because at this point Roth’s vocals are very limited. Some have even called for the Van Halen brothers to get Sammy Hagar back in the band since his voice has aged quite a bit better.

David Lee Roth is the only current member of the band doing anything active and he recently said in an interview that the band was “finished” as plans to get back together again have been “cancelled a number of times”. Roth has now planned a Vegas residency with a new band, and claims it is the next phase. It’ll be very likely that these shows will mostly be composed of Van Halen cuts, more so than his solo music.

“I’ve inherited the band, de facto, whatever that means. I think it means, you’ve inherited it, carry this proudly. Van Halen isn’t going to be coming back in the fashion that you know. And, that being said, Eddie’s got his own story to tell — not mine to tell it.”

So, this quote may even lead you to believe that Van Halen has something planned without Roth. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a ploy to generate interest in his solo band. Either way, most music publications have been running with it so we’ll see if anything comes of these comments.

Do you think Van Halen is finished?