I’m Expecting a Wedge Antilles Return in Rise of Skywalker

Wedge Antilles is one of the Star Wars characters that didn’t get a lot of screen time in the original trilogy but then became a key part of the material that came after it. He’s often a huge presence in books and has become a fan favorite.

Denis Lawson, the man who (mostly) played Wedge in the original trilogy has been dismissive of the movies because it became the thing he was most known for. He was offered a part in The Force Awakens and he turned it down, claiming it was beneath him. Although I’m thinking Lawson is going to change his mind and pop up in in Episode IX this December.

Lawson made an appearance in Celebration a few years back and seemed to be finally embracing his history in Star Wars. So that in itself was painting the possibility of a return. Now, thanks to the release of the cover of the novel Resistance Reborn its becoming even more of a possibility.


Wedge had been added to a copy of the novel a Spainish version of the novel (I assume its Spanish?). So it looks like Wedge will have a role to play in the book, which takes place after The Last Jedi. So that confirms that Wedge is indeed alive at this point in the timeline and able to make an return.

I’m surprised that this has been revealed at this point, since a Wedge appearance would make for a big reveal in the movie and now many fans will expect it to happen.

Do you think we’ll see Wedge Antilles back in The Rise of Skywalker?