New Thrawn Trilogy Coming From Timothy Zahn

Its hard to believe its been 3 years since Lucasfilm announced Grand Admiral Thrawn was returning to canon and now we’ve gotten 3 books featuring the Grand Admiral. The most recent was Thrawn Treason. All 3 books take place around the Rebels era.

Timothy Zahn came back to write the character he created way back in the 90s for The Thrawn Trilogy. Personally I don’t exactly love these books where Thrawn is the main character. I’ve read all 3 of the new canon books, but somewhere along the way they lose me. I think the character worked better when he shared the spotlight with others.

At New York Comic Con Lucasfilm Publishing announced several new literary projects including the first book of a new Thrawn trilogy that will take place before he joined the Empire and was still a part of the Chiss Ascendancy. Its been labeled The Ascendancy Trilogy. Zahn will likely write all 3 books. I feel like this may be an effort to attract more Legends readers to new canon since Thrawn’s origin will likely be explored.

Included in the book announcements was the second Alphabet Squadron book Shadow Fall