My Thoughts on El Camino

Last night was the night the Breaking Bad movie El Camino dropped. I just thought I’d give a quick low down on my thoughts on the show. I’ll try to be spoiler free because the marketing campaign for this movie did a very good job and kept most of the plot sheltered. Although there will be spoilers for the 6 year old finale of Breaking Bad though.

El Camino picks up right after the events of the Breaking Bad finale. Jesse Pinkman is fleeing the scene of the gun fight that killed Walter White and all the neo-nazi’s that kept him captive. He then becomes a key person of interest as he was the only person to survive the scene. So he had to find a way to allude the police who are hot on his tail.

I appreciate a film that had a good marketing campaign. I went into this movie having no idea what was going to happen and no idea who was going to show up. Just to be clear, I don’t think this movie is as good as Breaking Bad was at its best, but its very tense at times. It even gave me a bit of a neo-western sort of vibe at times. Some would argue its not necessary, but Vince Gilligan came back to write and direct the movie and I’ll admit he could’ve milked this and turned it into a miniseries if he wanted. There was a story to tell here. There are some times where my memory of the show had faded and struggled to remember who certain people were and why they had a part to play in the story. I haven’t thought about this show much since it ending because it ended so strong.

Aaron Paul, who unfortunately hasn’t really had the career he’s deserve since the end of the show if you ask me. Jumps into the character again after the six year break and revives him like he was never away. At the end of the show Jesse was probably one of the few people in the show that you felt any sort of sympathy for, but he does have to do some more bad things before he can get himself clear.

I liked the way Jesse’s story ended in the show, but I like how his arc concludes in this movie as well. This is a pretty good score for Netflix because its not very often that there movies end up being as solid as this one.

If you’re skeptical on this movie and you don’t want your view of the show to be altered then I’d avoid it, but to me it doesn’t hurt to watch. I really enjoyed Breaking Bad, but I don’t really consider it this untouchable masterpiece either like some do.

Have you seen El Camino? Where are your thoughts?