Scooter Toss

Last week Austin Texas resident Lawrence Black was headed downtown for work. He encountered a homeless man blocking a crosswalk. The hobo nearly caused a homosexual vegan to crash his bicycle. Larry saw this and rolled down his window. Then politely asked the bum to get out of the road so people with jobs could go to work. The homeless man began punching the side of Larry’s car. So Larry got out and began a wrestling match with Boxcar Willie (I assume that was the bums name). Larry agreed to let the man off the ground if he would stop hitting his car. The bum agreed. So Larry tried to get in his car and leave. But Boxcar had a parting gift for Larry. An electric scooter that he neatly threw into Larry’s rear window.

How often do you wrestle the homeless?

How far can you throw a scooter?

Does Justin Bieber eating shit on a unicycle prove that God exists?