Trudeau Is Still Canada’s Prime Minster

Yesterday was the Federal Election in Canada. I got out yesterday morning and casted my vote. I personally don’t like the way our elections are run. I’d like to see us get the chance to vote for our local representatives and our prime minster rather than just stay loyal to one party.

Turns out that after the blackface scandal Justin Trudeau was still able to pull off the win. This time with a minority government rather than a majority that he had when he beat Stephen Harper. Trudeau has been the prime minister since 2015.

Much like the states Canada is quite divided right now. I personally hardly follow politics because its just an unnecessary stressor, but I do go out there and cast my vote when I need to. Trudeau’s got a lot of people who hate him. I don’t really like or dislike him and the blackface scandal didn’t change my opinion on him either because it was so long ago when stuff like that was more acceptable.

I’ve been told that one of the unique things about Canada is that one a new leader is elected we all begin to hate him in unison immediately. Looks like change didn’t come this time, but we see how we go with this arrangement for now.

I’m sure all the conflict between the Tories and Liberals are just beginning. The fallout of Trudeau’s win has already kicked up some dust online.