Modern Metal That Doesn’t Suck- Holy Serpent

Holy Serpent prove that there’s more to Australian music than AC/DC. The Melbourne band have released their third album of finely tuned metallic space-grunge.

Many times a bands third album is their defining release. The first album is about finding the sound of the band. Usually the second album is written on the road while touring the first album. This allows for the band to expand on their original musical ideas. Then when they drop the third album it is fully realized musical ideas.

Holy Serpent have followed this trend. Their self-titled debut was pleasant but standard plod and nod. Black Sabbath riffs and extended instrumental breaks were their sound. With their second album Temples, Holy Serpent added melodic layers to the vocals and guitars. They began using multiple guitar parts to give the songs greater depth. Personally, I liked the new additions to their sound, but found the album lacked a bit of focus.

Now with Endless, Holy Serpent have found their voice. Literally and figuratively. Improving the vocals were clearly an emphasis for the band as their singer/guitarist has never sounded better.

They have perfected their wall of sound technique. Holy Serpent use the thundering bass and rhythm guitar to build the core of each song. Then over that they add lead guitar lines and several layers of vocals, often fleshed out with reverb and backing harmony to give it an ethereal feel.

Holy Serpent also play with the loud/quiet dynamic, instead of always playing loud. This gives the songs a real dynamic feel.

I’m not a huge lyric guy. But Holy Serpent made this a concept record of sorts. The songs follow the theme of the ocean. And a story of two lovers kept apart by it’s vastness. The final song on the album has the two main characters decide they could no longer live apart. So they both decide to walk into the ocean and drown themselves with the hope of reuniting on the other side.

Here is the full album for anyone interested.