Some Critics Call Terminator Dark Fate the Best Since T2

Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters two Fridays from now, and it looks like the studio was impressed enough with it that it screened the film early for critics in order to generate some more buzz going into the film. At this point the majority of early reviews have been positive.

Dark Fate has debuted at 62% which is considered fresh. There are a mix of negative and positive reviews at this point. Many critics have claimed that the movie is the best Terminator sequel since T2.

Its also said that Dark Fate is somewhat reminiscent of  The Force Awakens in that it borrows a lot of elements from past Terminator movies. None of these comments really surprise me. I was expecting the movie to be decent, but still nowhere near the quality of the first two. At this point I probably won’t even go to the theater to watch this.

James Cameron has returned to the franchise as a producer and Arnie and Linda Hamilton are back as well.