Face The Facts

Time to revive this Golden Oldie. Face The Facts is the exciting segment where we search one random name and discover the faces behind it.

Today’s Random Name:

Gerald Wagner

Gerald #1

This Gerald Wagner is a paramedic and nurse from Austria. For more than 6 years he has been researching and working in the field of patient care, training and education on the use and production of cannabis products. Gerald is proof that Americans don’t hold the patent on hipsters with shitty mustaches.

Gerald #2

Gerald was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. After graduating high school, Gerald served in The US Navy from 1963-1967. While serving his country Gerald was part of the Navy Blue Jacket Choir where he was a noted baritone. Gerald didn’t see anything wrong with casual racism.

Gerald #3

Gerald sings for a German band called Black Rock. Gerald warned me not to “get cute” with his bio or he will “tear my butthole with rusty fishhooks”

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