Hick Fix Of The Day

Halloween is tomorrow, so if you haven’t decorated yet don’t worry. One Mat Gang will help you get your yard in top form.

Don’t go spending money on fancy decorations when you have nearly everything you need. Maybe one quick stop by the Dollar Store and you can convert your living space into a Living Hell!

That’s not a junk car out front

Put a pumpkin on it, now it’s Jackolantern’s Haunted Ride!

Are those beer cans piled by the door?

Nope! That’s Witch Mountain!

And your scrap pile

It’s an authentic Bone Yard!

And your “fake” moss and cobwebs are a nice touch You’ve made Halloween your bitch once again this year. Time to celebrate with a ceremonial tire fire!

That’s how you decorate. And that’s my Hick Fix Of The Day!

Stay inbred TGO