We Are Living in Blade Runner Time

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner took place in Los Angeles in November of 2019 when it was released back in 1982. We have now reached that time.

We are getting to the point where some movies are so old that we’ve passed their movie futures. Back to the Future II visited 2015 and we’ve already passed that, and we passed Escape from New York’s future all the way back in 1997. I guess we did have hover boards in 2015, but they weren’t nearly as cool as the ones in Back to the Future II. Those hover boards are pretty much useless. The only people who have them are spoiled 8 year olds.

Here’s Mike Tyson falling off his hover board.

This is pretty much proof that the future never turns out to be as technologically advanced as we think it will be.

How much has our future let you down TGO?