Uncle Steve’s Democratic Report: Who the Fuck is Pete Buttigiege?

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg (pronounced Booty Judge) is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. That’s about 100 miles away from Chicago, where they have excellent pizza.

He once fired a man for illegally taping conversations, and replaced him with a white guy. This means he’s probably racist.
Artist’s rendition of Pete Buttigieg punching an African American midget.

Pete recently said he believed the contest for the Democratic nomination was between him and Elizabeth Warren (not pictured here, as she didn’t want to be punched). Recent polls have him listed at a solid 4th, so maybe he don’t count so good.

Oh yeah, he’s also gay and a Christian. That means he hates Christians and is homophobic.

Seriously, Bernie Sanders said if elected he’d take weed off the Schedule 1 list. How the fuck do you think you’re 2nd?

Who did you think Pete Buttigeig was?