5 Facts About The Q-Tip

Knowledge is power. Here at TGO we try to arm our readers with brain bullets. So I’m reviving our long lost classic, 5 Facts.

1: The Q-Tip was invented by Lucas Van Leyden in 1524.

2: The Q-Tip got its name because the original Q-Tips were dried quail feet

3: The World Record for most Q-Tips stuffed into a person’s ear is 39. This record was set by Ken Thang in 1997

4: When Q-Tips were first mass marketed in the United States and Canada they were called Baby Gays

5: The rapper Q-Tip was killed in a turf war by WC. Here is an account of his demise;

“I once knew this bitch by the name of Q-Tip
Who claim he had a problem with this gangsta shit
Behind closed doors, runnin his mouth like a trick-in
Til this nigga by the name of Dub caught him slippin
Tied his ass up and threw him in the trunk
Put an apple in his mouth and dug his ass out
About a month later they found his body stashed
In a trash bag with a cucumber in his ass”

What are your thoughts on Q-Tips?