RIP Robert Evans

This guy deserves a discussion.

He stomped the Terra and did more drugs than all of us combined. Famed Paramount producer Robert Evans passed away at his Beverly Hills home on October 26th, aged 89.

Responsible for producing classics such as Marathon Man, Chinatown, Black Sunday, and not forgetting The Godfather, Evans was as equally influential as he was controversial, with a well-known penchant for narcotics, women and career-spanning fuck-ups.

In short, he lived way more of a life than you or I could ever hope to accomplish. Evans rode the snake good and proper, making life-long friends like Jack Nicholson among many others along the way.

Evans is part of the reason why studios bother to take a chance with smaller directors and not-so-sure ventures, however rare that is. Without him movies like Rosemarie’s Baby, Popeye and Sliver would be unrealized.

Thanks bob, Godspeed and thank you.