Actor Of The Day: Sandra Bernhard

There are few things in life that we all agree on. But TGO seems to have an appreciation for fine cinema. We spotlight movies, film makers, and actors that stir our imagination. Today I’d like to feature one of the most under appreciated actresses of our time; Sandra Bernhard.

Sandra got her start doing standup comedy in the late 1970’s. Her first big movie role was in Truth or Whore staring Madonna. The two were rumored to be lovers.

In 1993 Sandra took the part of Nancy Bartlett, a super-butch waitress on the TV show Roseanne, the two were rumored to be lovers.

Sandra made appearances on the TV shows Will & Grace, The Highlander, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. She would change her face many times, but her characters were always the same; ugly, annoying dyke

What is your favorite Sandra Bernhard role?