Deep Cut: Oingo Boingo

In 1981 Oingo Boingo, fronted by now famed film composer Danny Elfman, released ‘Little Girls’. It’s a catchy tune that has strong innuendos about underage girls. Quite simply, Twitter would shit its pants if it were released today. But Elfman had something to say about the song in an interview that leads me to think he is the kind of guy that would love TGO.

“What made me write it? At that point I was just grabbing onto things that popped up in my head and taking characters and singing from their point of view. So whether it be the right wing guy talking about capitalism or the feisty little girl or quasi molester – these were just things that I thought were funny or interesting and I would just kind of jump into the skin of. Often things I wrote were motivated by nothing but the newspaper. I’d read an article and be thinking about something and write a song from that perspective. So it didn’t necessarily reflect me…but it was just fun and I knew it was irreverent. I was out to offend everybody when I started out. Any subject matter I could find that would be offensive I was embracing, so that was just one.”

Mr. Perfect and TGO thanks you, Mr. Elfman.