Villain’s Expanded List of the Worst People on Earth

  1. People who make reaction videos on Youtube.
  2. People who watch reaction videos on Youtube. How fun can be to watch someone watch something? Especially with all the exaggerated gasps and shit.
  3. People who do one good thing and use it as an opportunity to lecture other people.
  4. Rob Dyrdek from Ridiculousness. That show would be watchable without him and the girl with the annoying laugh.
  5. Writers who say “Heck,” before they make observations. Like “heck, women weren’t even allowed to vote at all until 1920”. Just say H-E double hockey stick you pussies.
  6. Anyone who does a cover of Hallelujah. Fuck I hate that song.
  7. People who blindly swing their car door open while parked on busy streets. I’m nearly gotten into some accidents because of these dummies.
  8. People who bitch because their party lost the election. I voted conservative in our federal election last month. They lost. Nothing I can do about it, I don’t think its fair for me to complain because people with different lives than me voted differently than I did.
  9. Spoiled little brat kids that ruin activities for well behaved children. I help coach hockey often and there is always one kid that I’d love to be able to kick off the team and the team would probably improve. There some kids that should do track and field or gymnastics, not team sports because they’re too self centered to be good teammates.
  10. Parents that honestly think that violent movies and videogames and porn turn their kids into murderous psychopaths. If your kid shoots up a school chances are its either due to a problem they’ve had since birth or because you or some other human being drove them to that point, not a movie they saw.