James Dean to Be Revived Using CGI for New Film

James Dean, a film icon who died all the way back in 1955 is going to appear posthumously in a new film called Finding Jack.

Dean, who passed away at just 24 in a car crash will appear in a film set in the Vietnam War, a war he did not live to see. The role Dean plays is said to be a “secondary lead” so you can expect his role in the film to be a decent size. Dean passed away after appearing in just 3 films.

CGI has gotten to the point where actors can be de-aged. We’ll see a good example of that in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman when it hits Netflix this month. Peter Cushing was in Rogue One thanks to CGI.

The film acquired the rights to use James Dean’s image after coming to an agreement with Dean’s family.

This a big news for the future of film. If Dean’s role in Finding Jack can be pulled off it’ll be very likely we’ll see this happen with other famous actors who have passed away. I’ll bet we see John Wayne again eventually.

Finding Jack is expected to be released next year. It seems like its possible that more actors will be cast in the film using the same method. The filmmakers hoped that this announcement would help them stack their cast.