McDonald’s Unveils New Weed Tea

A 24 year old man named Parrish Brown went to a McDonald’s in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on his way to work. He ordered a “10 piece nuggets, a double cheeseburger, and a sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon”. Sounds reasonable.

Parrish says the drive thru attendant responded “extra lemon?” in a strange voice.

Parrish then went to work and ate his meal. He drank his tea and noticed a funny taste. Parrish poked the straw around in the cup and finished the drink. A bit later he felt off. Parish claims he felt “high as a kite”. He pulled the lid off his McDonald’s cup and found three small bags of marijuana in the bottom of the cup. Parrish panicked. He had never used the weed before. Now from drinking some he was “high as a kite”. So he called his dad and 911. The police investigated the incident and said it was definitely weed in the drink. Parrish says that asking for “extra lemon” was code for “give me weed”. He wasn’t charged any extra money for the meal. So if it was a drug deal, then they’re really bad at their job.

So, are they giving out free weed tea at McDonald’s, or is Parrish full of shit?

While it’s not unheard of for there to be drug deals at drive thu windows, it is impossible get “high as a kite” from drinking raw marijuana in a cup of cold tea. Scientists say so. Not me. A process called decarboxylation must occur to activate the chemicals in marijuana. What is decarboxylation?

Adding heat. This converts the THCA and CBDA into the compounds THC and CBD.

You can’t ingest raw weed and get high.

It must be heated. Anyone who has made pot brownies knows that you don’t just throw weed in the mix. You have to extract it into butter first. So I call bullshit on Parrish. He got high. Then got paranoid and made up a story.

What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told a cop?

Not MY dead hooker in my pants pocket. I borrowed these pants from Frank Lapidus.