The Black Crowes Are Reuniting

The Black Crowes have announced that they are getting back together for a tour in 2020. They made the announcement earlier today on Howard Stern’s show.

The Crowes experienced success right when they released their debut in the early 1990s. They were a fresh mix of classic rock with a modern sound. At the helm of the band are the two Robinson brothers Rich and Chris. Conflict between the two brothers is what lead to the band’s break up in 2015. The brothers have still be active in other projects since the break up. The rest of the lineup is filled up by new members.

For the band’s 2020 tour the reunited band plan to play their debut album Shake Your Money Maker in its entirety. The album featured some of the band’s biggest hits including Hard to Handle (a cover of an Otis Redding song) and She Talks to Angels. The album’s 30th anniversary hits next year.