The Mandalorian Debuts Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the launch date for Disney+ in Canada and United States. Unfortunately people in the UK will have to wait for a formal launch. Accompanying this release will be the first Star Wars live action TV series The Mandalorian.

Only the first episode will be available today and the show will be released weekly. My plan with this series is put out my thoughts with each weekly episode. We can follow the show over the course of the next two months and 8 episodes. My anticipation for this show is going through the roof right now, although there has been very little reactions to the show because there is supposedly a huge spoiler in the first episode, so critics aren’t getting early screenings.

One of the disappointing things about the Canadian launch is unlike the Americans we have been unable to pre-order the service. We have to wait until the exact date to register. So I’m hoping the launch goes well when the time comes so I can see the movie as soon as possible.

Are you signing up for Disney+?