I’ve been waiting for this show since I first heard of it. I was hoping it would bring balance back to the force, and while its hard to say for sure if it will, it is off to a pretty good start. I will give my quick two cents on the first episode spoiler free in the first half. But in the second half I will dive into spoilers. So when you see the word SPOILERS you will know where to stop should you choice to see this spoiler free.

This show so far is basically a western. Makes sense since it is about a bounty hunter. The Mandalorian gets hired to go get someone and gets paid. Simple as that. I like the simplicity of it. This episode at least tries not to over burden you with too many things like a lot of other shows do these days. It takes a simpler approach. And I like that.

The Mandalorain just like a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western speaks few lines in this first episode. In fact we don’t even see his face. He keeps his helmet on the entire episode.

The look and sound of the show is spot on. It feels classic Star Wars. Gritty with plenty of creatures. The score however does not take on a classic Star Wars score but instead tries to almost take on a western score and you may or may not like this change. Maybe in future episodes we will get a more classic Star Wars score but so far that is not the case.

The show moves fast as The Mandalorian takes on the mission that is going to change his life I’m assuming. There is little dead time and that is good seeing the show is only 38 minutes long. It crams all it can in that time.

I’m happy with it so far. To be honest it’s a quick intro to the characters and worlds. You forget its a show and all of a sudden things grind to an end and you almost feel cheated cause your used to something like this being in a movie format and you expect it to keep going. It will. Just on a weekly basis. So just as things get interesting it ends. It all feels so short and quick. You definitely feel like you want more. I’d give the first episode a 8/10. Solid. Like I said its off to a good start. I hope it continues to get better and I don’t see why it wouldn’t.


Ok you have been warned. Now to get into what happens. It begins with The Mandalorian (just call him M for short) on a mission. This was in all the trailers. He goes to a bar or some outpost and finds his bounty. He has some type of tracking device. I’m curious how these devices work. He gets them from the guild and he follows it to his bounty. That makes bounty hunting pretty easy. Maybe they will explain this later.


He enters this bar and quickly some locals don’t take to kindly to him. This cantina looks spot on very classic Star Wars stuff.


After M kicks some ass he finds his real prize.


Some blue man creature guy. Who he takes back to his ship to collect his bounty.


For some reason M had to park his ship a long ways away from this outpost cantina. I mean like miles away. Maybe he did it to try to sneak in undetected but it seems a little silly that he has to take a speeder back to his ship across a bunch of ice. If he needed to get to his ship quickly to get out of this place in a hurry he’d be fucked. Basically it throws reason out the door to set up a creature scene.


Yes as they are leaving M’s ship gets attacked by a giant ice monster thing. Which M quickly takes care of and we can see he is a true bad ass.


They fly off and M’s bounty then decides to use an excuse to use the bathroom to try to look around M’s ship. M isn’t too happy and ends up freezing the guy in carbonite. Which he then delivers to the guild guy to collect his reward. This concludes the first act of this episode.


The next act focuses on M tracking down his next bounty. One that has a very high reward for. But he does not get a pod thing that shows him what this bounty looks like….only that its 50 years old. This is where he meets some former imperial guy I’m guessing. He hires him to get this new bounty.


M accepts this bounty job and gets some fancy metal as part of his pay for taking this job. He takes this metal back to his Mandalorian camp…yes you see other Mandalorians. Here he gives it to some black smith who makes some shoulder armor out of it for him.


After he gets his new armor he flies off to the planet to get this expensive bounty he was hired to get.



Its on this desert planet the fun really starts to happen. The best scene happens here and GOD DAMN IT I’M NOT GOING TO TELLY YOU EVERYTHING YOU LAZY FUCK GO WATCH THE SHOW YOURSELF AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!