The Mandalorian: Chapter 2

Another episode of The Mandalorian has debuted this morning. Be prepared if you haven’t seen the show yet, because I’ll be talking more spoilers in this segment. I wouldn’t read this if you haven’t watched the first two episodes.

In the Last Episode: We meet our Mandalorian bounty hunter. He is sent by an Imperial Remnant to pursue a 50 year old bounty. He comes across the droid bounty hunter IG-11 along the way and they agree to split the bounty. Finally, after wiping out a large group of the bounty’s defenders they find their bounty and its revealed to be a small baby that is the same species as Yoda (Yoda was 900 when he died, so a 50 year old member of this species is obviously still a baby), immediately assumed to be his son. IG-11 suggests they kill the baby, but The Mandalorian decides to kill IG-11 before he can kill Yoda baby.

Summary: When the second episode kicks off, called The Child. I was starting to think that the whole episode would go by without a single word being spoken. A large potion of the episode passes with no dialogue because its The Mandalorian and the Baby trying to get back to their ship. I’d assume that this planet is Tatooine, but its never said.

The Mandalorian reaches his ship, only to see it being stripped by Jawas. He chases them in their sandcrawler, in a sequence that is a lot like the truck scene in Raider of the Lost Ark. He’s trying to climb up the side of a moving vehicle. Eventually he fails, but he’s able to find Nick Nolte’s Ugnaught character who teaches him that Jawas will give him back his parts if he is able to make a trade.

The Mandalorian makes a deal with the Jawas to steal an egg from a huge rhino-like creature. He is able to defeat the creature and its revealed that this Yoda baby is indeed force sensitive (not a surprise) as he helps the Mandalorian kill the creature and steal his egg.

He brings the egg back to the Jawas, they eat it. He rebuilds his ship with help from his Ugnaught friend, who he offers a job, but the Ugnaught declines. The episode ends with The Mandalorian and the Baby leaving Tatooine.

My thoughts: So, if you were expecting to get some quick answers on lil’ Yoda then you might be a little disappointed. I don’t really want to say that its Yoda’s son, but it also feels like it can’t be anything others than Yoda’s son. As I said earlier we do find out that the creature is force sensitive, even though it can’t really speak yet, but it can walk too. The little thing is pretty cute though. Reminds me a lot of a mogwai from Gremlins.

Nick Nolte’s Ugnaught character has become an instant favorite for me and fits perfectly into the Star Wars lore. It could be possible that we don’t see him again in this season, and he doesn’t seem to be doing much of a press tour for the show. That could be because he’s hardly in it. His “I have spoken” line will almost certainly become a popular line among fans.

Another thing that I’m really loving about this series is they are using a lot more of the older Star Wars aliens. One of my issues with the sequel trilogy is that they are always trying to introduce new aliens and you never see the ones we already know. In this episode we see some Jawas and Trandoshans (the same species as Bossk).

This episode was directed by Rick Famuyiwa and much like the first episode its very well directed. Very well shot, and all the sets and props look great.

We have learned that The Mandalorian does seem to have a bit of a moral code over these past to episodes. Its tough to say what he intends to do with lil’ Yoda, but I can’t imagine he’ll just simply give it to Werner Herzog. Anyway, it looks like the series could really take any direction from here.

I’m surprised by how short the episodes have been though. Both of them are closer to 30 minutes than an hour, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they closer to an hour as we get further along.

Still no sign of Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where takes lil’ Yoda to her. That’s just a wild guess.

Have you caught up on The Mandalorian?