Motley Crue Reuniting For Tour With Def Leppard and Poison

Motley Crue is not really a band that I really ever cared about, but I feel the need to complain about their recent tour announcement with Def Leppard and Poison. They committed one of my ultimate pet peeves, reuniting after they’ve already done a farewell tour.

Motley Crue finished their “The End” Tour on New Year’s Eve 2015, and during that tour they mostly chose to take shots at people who had the nerve to do a farewell tour and then continue to tour afterwards. This happens more often than not. The band’s essentially fool their fans into going to see them thinking it will be the last time they can and then eventually when the bids to reunite become a reasonable amount they get back together. So Motley Crue basically just did what they said they wouldn’t do.

Live Nation supposedly offered Motley Crue 150 million dollars to reunite on the condition that Vine Neil lose 40 pounds (which is also needed). Vince Neil wasn’t in very good shape during the band’s The End Tour and his effort during the performances are hilariously lazy. Check this out.

I’m sure this tour will be a massive success since it is bringing together 3 bands from the same era. It makes sense that these guys are touring together, although I don’t know if I’d bother ever going to a Motley Crue or Poison show.

The band’s reasoning for reuniting (outside of the money) is that their biopic The Dirt supposedly brought new fans to the band that had never seen them live.

Looks like the high profile reunions are continuing.